Our Head office is situated on Primorski boulevard in Varna, Bulgaria less than 500 meters from the local Maritime Administration and less than 700 meters from the main passenger terminal.

The town of Varna is referred to as the Marine Capital of Bulgaria and the largest port in the Northeastern part of Bulgaria. The town of Varna is the cross point for Europe Manning markets and traditional home town of thousands of qualified seamen.

The town of Varna provides the biggest output of Officers (Navigators and Engineers) without any limitations at sea throgh:

In addition Varna boasts with the biggest High Naval School for Ratings, Technicians and Officers (for small vessels with limitations) – High Naval School “Nikolay Chudotvorets”

There are 2 more Technical Universities in Bulgaria located in the capital of the country – Sofia and the town of Gabrovo. Both prepare Electrical Engineering specialists.

There is another Marine High School situated in the town of Burgas.

In our neighbourhood are also located Bulgarian Naval Museum and Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping.

Varna is a major tourist destination, a business and university centre, headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy and Bulgarian Merchant Fleet.