Crew Manning Agency Bulgaria

Crew Manning Services Bulgaria

Crew Manning Agency Varna BulgariaWe at SAFWAT BG understand that the quality of the seafarers (Officers, Ratings and Technicians) is the most important factor which reflects on successful shipping.

We are proud to underline that All our open positions are based on direct request from our 4 Principals, whithout connection with 3rd party Manning Agencies.

We mantain a comprehensive database that contains perfectly qualified Bulgarian (European Union citizens) marine specialists. Our seamen are highly educated, flexible characters with fluent Maritime English language.They are ready to work hard in team and can easily adapt to each Ship-owner specific requirements, needs, goals and vessel types.

We provide to Ship-owners and vessel managers complete manning solutions:

We can also assist in taking care of and keeping records of:


Please be advised that presently we are accepting ONLY BULGARIAN applicants as follows:

1. SENIOR OFFICERS:  Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer

2. JUNIOR OFFICERS: 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, 3rd Engineer, 4th Engineer

3. ELECTRICAL RANKS / TECHNICIANS: Electro Technical Officer, Electro Tehnical Rating and Fitter

4. PETTY OFFICERS: Bosun (welding abilities are mandatory) and Cook

Mandatory requirements:

Please download our application form, fill it and submit it to crew[at]